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Membership Benefits


One Voice provides Executive Directors of Central Texas health and human service nonprofits with opportunities to...

Network and be a part of a nonprofit community

  • Forum for health and human services nonprofit Executive Directors to collectively problem-solve and act
  • Opportunity for Executive Directors to network and support each other

Participate in the benefits available for One Voice members which have a goal of increasing the quantity and quality of the benefits options they can offer their employees while at the same time stabilizing, and possibly lowering, the costs for organizations. Current benefits include:

  • 403(b) retirement plan - The One Voice Central Texas 403(b) plan allows all One Voice members to offer a qualified retirement plan for the benefit of their employees. The structure of this plan allows employers to offer a plan without the administrative burden of sponsoring a plan.
  • Reduced rates for insurance products such as unemployment, D&O, and Worker's Compensation
  • PEO Plan at a reduced rate that includes access to health insurance

Participate in community collaborations and advocate on behalf of issues important to your organization and clients

  • Active participation in the development of policy statements that are shared with decision makers
  • Be a part of groups that provide representation to community collaborations, task forces, and work groups

Strengthen your organization through mentorship and training opportunities

  • Access to resources on accountability standards
  • Access to trainings aimed at strengthening the nonprofit community
  • Three peer-to-peer mentorship programs, including a program that pairs new Executive Directors with seasoned Executive Directors

Stay up-to-date on information relevant to nonprofits

  • The One Voice website contains a wealth of templates, tools, resources, and contact sheets relevant to nonprofits
  • Receive an e-newsletter and bulletins with timely information for the local nonprofit community

Membership Directory

2019 Membership Form

  • Criteria for Designees: One Voice is an Executive Director/CEO-led coalition, and it is expected that the Executive Director/CEO of Voting Member organizations will represent their organization at membership meetings. However, an Executive Director/CEO may request to designate one person to be the organization’s exclusive voting representative if there is a reason that they are unable to participate themselves.

    The designee must:
    -Attend all meetings instead of the ED/CEO,
    -Be on a comparative level within the organization’s structure as other EDs/CEOs,
    -Be able to act on behalf of the organization as an ED/CEO would, and
    -Have the authority to vote on behalf of their organization at meetings.

    Those who would like to designate a representative for the year must attach a letter to this form signed by the ED, CEO or Board Chair requesting the designation of the organization representative and include the reason why they are unable to participate themselves. All designees are subject to approval by the Executive Committee. EDs/CEOs must submit a new designee request letter every year. Approved designee requests are reviewed annually and are valid for one year.

    While all designee requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, please refer to the following criteria when submitting your request:
    -Organizations must have a budget of greater than $3 million to request a designee.
    -Qualifying reasons for a designee include: ED has an ongoing, standing conflict during the scheduled general member meetings; ED has an illness or ongoing health issue which inhibits attendance at general member meetings.
    Not having time to participate in One Voice meetings is not an acceptable reason to appoint a designee.

  • Key Staff Contacts: Please help us communicate with your organization as effectively as possible.
  • Please provide the following if your organization has a staff person in charge of Human Resources.

  • Please provide the following if you would like your Executive Assistant/Assistant/Scheduler to be included on OVCT emails.

  • You can pay your membership dues by card through PayPal or by check. If you would like to pay with a credit card, the link will be available after clicking submit. If you would like to pay by check, please send it to One Voice Central Texas, P.O. Box 300152, Austin, TX, 78703.
  • Please type your name to certify that your organization is a 501c3 organization in good standing, and that you will notify the One Voice Chair if your agency loses 501c3 status.
  • Note: In order to be a member in good standing, you must complete the One Voice standards accountability checklist within one month of joining. You will be sent a link to access the standards checklist once your membership form and dues are received. Upon submission of this form you will be taken to the payments page. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email KiYa Moghaddam.