Kent Herring

  • Name
  • Kent Herring
  • Title
  • CEO
  • Organization
  • Family Eldercare
  • Years as Executive Director
  • I have been with Family Eldercare for just over 1 year but have been associated with senior services for over 20 years.

  • What does your organization do?
  • Family Eldercare provides essential services for seniors, adults with disabilities, and those who care for them.
  • How did you become interested in this work?
  • In a transition time from being a chef to working in a retirement community, the rich blessings I received from seniors I knew a career change was in order. The stories and life experiences of these residents were all based on serving others regardless of circumstances in life.
  • What drives your passion?
  • The Golden Rule, a simple reminder that I should treat everyone the way I want to be treated.
  • Did you have a mentor or role model?
  • A great mentor and friend is Mike Sims. He still provides a listening ear and tactful advice and knows when to use both.
  • What's the biggest challenge in your work?
  • Finding a balance between serving our clients and working on ways to raise funds to provide more services to those in need.
  • What's the best advice that you have ever received?
  • Do what you love and live what you do.
  • What are your top tips for new Executive Directors?
  • 1. Hire great people not good people
    2. Look through the window and not the mirror
    3. Ask for help, as it is a sign of vision not weakness

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