As a new Executive Director, I’ve benefitted greatly from the mentorship and networking which have resulted from participating in One Voice. Receiving guidance from strong, well established Executive Directors has enhanced my capacity to lead my agency.

Sofia Casini, Former Executive Director, AVANCE-Austin

The best practices that One Voice highlights and teaches through their Standards of Excellence is a tremendous help to me as I strive to have Wonders & Worries reach it's highest potential.

Meredith Cooper, Executive Director, Wonders & Worries

Every day, we work in the trenches helping one young person at a time. Membership in One Voice helps our agency to realize our mission at a greater scale. With many and competing demands on my time as an Executive Director, it is One Voice that allows me to work efficiently and effectively, community-wide, through advocacy.

Suki Steinhauser, CEO, Communities in Schools of Central Texas

Participating in One Voice gives me the opportunity to interact with leaders in our community working to solve societal issues. I have had the chance to learn more about the larger impact of social services in our community, grow as a leader and advocate for change that impacts not only my agency and clients but those throughout the area.

Amy Temperley, H.A.N.D.

One Voice is an important, regular touch point for organizations working on the hardest human challenges facing our community.

Steve Jackobs, Executive Director, Capital IDEA

It is very helpful to be around other executive directors - learning; sharing; gaining perspective. Appreciate the opportunity!

Joyce Lauck, Executive Director, AGE of Central Texas

One Voice Central Texas represents the important non-profit infrastructure that provides services to those who are hurting and in need in the greater Austin area. As a member of the CAN Board of Directors, OVCT provides a strong, unified voice for the non-profit community.

Mary Dodd, Interim Executive Director, Community Advancement Network

Personally, so much of my day consists of dealing with the minutia of spreadsheets. Being able to attend One Voice Central Texas meetings with other Executive Directors who are discussing big picture, strategic ideas…keeps me sane!

Elizabeth Hartman, Executive Director, American Gateways

The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas is a member of One Voice for many reasons, but first and foremost, our affiliation with One Voice ensures that we are informed and involved in important, timely issues facing the non-profit sector and the families we serve.

Meg Poag, Executive Director, Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

We joined One Voice because it was the single greatest opportunity to meet, learn from and work with sister agencies for the common good of our community.

John McNabb, Executive Director, Vaughn House

As a new Executive Director in 2010, I was so fortunate to be engaged by my peers in the community participating in One Voice. It was a tremendous benefit to me and my organization to be plugged into an organization that collectively advocates for health and human service policies while exercising respected influence with key decision makers in our community.

Paul Scott, Executive Director, AIDS Services of Austin

Our organization is a member of One Voice Central Texas because we believe in the power of diverse groups coming together for a common purpose. When we speak with one voice, we represent hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people who often have no voice.

Susan Eason, Executive Director, The Arc of the Capital Area

Through One Voice, I learned about and successfully applied for FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program.

Sharon Lowe, Executive Director, Foundation for the Homeless

We have been able to connect with the Community Care Collaborative to determine how we may partner.

Tiffany Patterson, Executive Director, YMCA of Austin - Town Lake Branch

We received invaluable information on health insurance opportunities allowing us to dramatically cut costs, to include how to receive tax rebates for those costs.

John McNabb, Executive Director, Vaughn House

After receiving training on best practices in board development during a regular One Voice monthly meeting, I immediately took back a couple of key ideas to the officers of my board. We discussed the strategy of creating an annual workplan for the board as a whole, as well as board plans for individual board committees, with clear measures of success…Within two months of the training at a One Voice meeting, our board had a strategy session in which we created large goals for the board and board committees, and scheduled committee meetings to break out more specific annual goals and formalize a workplan. Our board members were excited by the new goals, and have already taken immediate steps to begin to work towards those goals.

Meg Poag, Executive Director, Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

I receive so much benefit from the Budding Buddies program. Without knowing [my buddy], I wouldn’t have known that Austin Free-Net provides IT services to nonprofits at a very discounted rate. We lost our IT contractor this spring and I am now using Austin Free-Net. Our new IT guy, John, saved us during a major technology meltdown.

Loretta Holland, Executive Director, Waterloo Counseling Center