How to Request Our Advocacy Support

The Public Policy Committee takes a proactive approach to initiating, assessing and responding to policy issues in a manner that benefits One Voice members and their clients. It also serves as the vehicle for membership advocacy initiatives.

Criteria for One Voice Public Policy Statements:

Before One Voice creates a policy statement, it ensures that the policy meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Supports the continuum of care for health and human services
  • Brings a maximum benefit to clients, with a special emphasis on increasing access to services
  • Supports or strengthens the non-profit sector

Process for Approval:

  • Submit a request for a letter of support to
  • Include a draft letter of support and a one page summary of the issue that includes supporting information and any known opposition
    The Public Policy Committee will review the information and request any clarifications or additional information. If approved by the Public Policy Committee, it will be taken for a vote by the Executive Committee and full membership. For time-sensitive issues, the Executive Committee is empowered to make a final determination on behalf of the membership.

Strategies for One Voice to Conduct Public Policy Focus:

One Voice utilizes the following strategies in order to implement public policy recommendations:

  • Raises awareness of the impact on clients and organizations of proposed policies
  • Develops position papers as appropriate
  • Serves as a resource for funding entities
  • Partners with credible organizations, e.g., One Voice Texas (Houston), CPPP, United Ways of Texas, TANO, and CAN to move state and national public policy issues forward

Approved Advocacy Activities for One Voice Central Texas Members:

One Voice Central Texas members can advocate on behalf of One Voice Central Texas, as long as the issue or policy has been approved by One Voice Central Texas. Activities include:

  • Providing information regarding legislation and public policy without urging support or opposition, unless a position has been approved by One Voice Central Texas
  • Making available nonpartisan results of analysis or research on legislative issues
  • Informing and educating One Voice Central Texas members on timely policy issues within the City of Austin, Travis County, the Austin region, State of Texas, and other governmental entities