Our Advocacy Principles

1. Human services are a vital link to building human potential across the lifespan and creating thriving communities.

Just like we use tools to build a house, human services provide the tools that build the wellbeing of everyone in a community across the lifespan. When our community has access to the full range of human services, we're all able to reach our full potential and contribute in a meaningful way. Our members, human service organizations, build wellbeing throughout life.

  • In childhood, human services support people by doing things like researching how early experiences affect success later in life, supporting parents, ensuring high-quality education for all children, and helping teens navigate the ups and downs of adolescence.
  • In adulthood, human services help people by supporting people’s mental and physical health, working to help people with disabilities live independently, and providing job support during a recession.
  • Human services help older adults by exploring how social isolation affects people’s wellbeing, by involving older people in tutoring programs so they can remain engaged in their communities, and by providing meals to older people who can’t leave their homes.

One Voice works in partnership with our members to build a stronger Central Texas by advocating for public budgets that anticipate and allocate for the community needs we can see ahead.

2. Human services organizations work to make sure that everyone has the foundations of wellbeing: stable homes, healthy food, and reliable healthcare.

Human services are essential to ensuring that individuals and families in our community have what they need to reach their full potential. Just like a house might need emergency repairs, human service agencies are there to help when the life storms that can affect all of us hit. Individuals who only have access to lower wage jobs may be unable to maintain stable housing or provide healthy food for their families. We know that having a home is foundational to wellbeing and its impacts ensure prosperity throughout our communities. Our social service providers ensure that everyone in our community has the resources they need to stay resilient during these storms.

3. Human services professionals are experts in building wellbeing.

Human services organizations build wellbeing, just like a house is built. Most people would not want, nor be able, to build a house on their own. Instead, we hire experts like electricians, plumbers, and other experienced, skilled workers so that we don’t have to worry that our house will fall apart at the mere suggestion of wind. Similarly, building wellbeing takes a wide range of expertise and skill sets to make sure we can reach our full potential and share our gifts and talents. Just like experienced contractors, human services professionals have extensive training to help people build the sturdy and resilient foundations of wellbeing so that they can weather the storms that life throws at us all. We specialize in every stage of life, from early childhood through late adulthood. We are experts in helping people access healthcare, find a home, create a sense of purpose, and connect with others in the community. That is what One Voice members do.

4. Our members work to build, shore up, and restore wellbeing where it is at risk due to structural inequities.

When people’s wellbeing is undermined by inequity, our communities run the risk of losing out on their contributions to our neighborhoods, our economy, and our civic life. Human services organizations work to build, shore up, and restore wellbeing where it is at risk – turning our attention where, historically, society has turned away. We look for ways that social policies or the delivery of services may be unfair, and speak up on the ways that these structural inequities can be addressed. We especially focus on racial diversity, equity, and inclusion.