The impact of nonprofit organizations in austin

The impact of nonprofit organizations in austin

One Voice Central Texas Releases Campaign Highlighting the Impact of Health and Human Service Nonprofits on the Well-Being of the Community

AUSTIN, TX. – One Voice Central Texas has launched a campaign titled “The Impact of Nonprofit Organizations in Austin” to highlight the crucial role that health and human service nonprofit organizations play in ensuring the safety and security of individuals in Austin and the surrounding areas. This campaign encourages elected officials and grantors to:

  • Fund Central Texas local nonprofits as economic drivers;
  • Invest in Central Texas local communities and critical programs; and
  • Ensure reasonable and non-burdensome regulations and requirements of funding contracts

Health and human service nonprofits play an important role in addressing the evolving issues faced by those in Austin and surrounding communities. These organizations provide essential services such as transportation, food and meals, mentorship, mental health support, and emergency responses initiatives. The city and county heavily depend on health and human service nonprofits to directly support the well-being of their residents, but funding for nonprofit organizations can be difficult to secure. Nearly 50% of our 96 member organizations have an operating budget of less than $1M per year, which must be used to provide all necessary services, programs, and operating costs including employee retention efforts. This campaign highlights the significant impact that nonprofit organizations have in their community, and serves as the catalyst for increased funding and donations for nonprofit organizations.

“Day in and day out, central Texas nonprofits stand with and for those in our community who need us, both as a beacon of hope, but also as an impetus to change lives.  We cannot continue to do the good work that we do without support that matches the economic changes within the community. It takes more to do today than what we did for less yesterday.” says Suzanne Anderson, CEO for AGE of Central Texas and the 2023 One Voice Central Texas Executive Chair.

This campaign reflects the impact that 54 nonprofit organizations had on their communities in 2022 including 117,000 youth and adults who were provided with education and workforce training; 404,000 Central Texans who received food and meals; and 61,400 Central Texans who were provided with housing and homelessness support. Across its member organizations, One Voice Central Texas employees over 6,000 full-time equivalent employees in Central Texas. One Voice Central Texas invites readers to imagine the impact that all 800+ human service nonprofits in Austin have every year.

Through compelling data One Voice Central Texas inspires collaboration, understanding, and support for the health and human services nonprofit sector. One Voice Central Texas expresses gratitude to its members for providing the information needed to support this campaign. One Voice Central Texas looks forward to working with partners and elected officials in the community in order to increase investments in health and human service nonprofits. The campaign can be seen below and linked here.

Media Contact: Corie Lonidier, Interviews with Executive Directors upon request.

About One Voice Central Texas:
One Voice Central Texas is a coalition of the leadership of over ninety nonprofit health and human service nonprofit organizations working to make sure that everyone can thrive in our community.  We represent the integrated network of human services that connects everyone of all ages and circumstances to social resources, opportunities, and support so that each person can reach their highest potential. Our members work every day with individuals and families to access healthcare, have stable housing, meet basic needs, create a sense of purpose, have the tools necessary to achieve their goals, and connect with others and the community. One Voice is also committed to ensuring our members have the resources and opportunities they need to be successful, including access to research on effective practices and peer networking for nonprofit leaders.