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Austin has the creativity, resources, dedication, and leadership to create a sustainable community where basic resources are provided and all residents are healthy, educated, safe, and live as independently and productively as possible. We ask for your partnership in embracing this vision and supporting the solutions required to make sure that this is achieved.

We exist because...

  • Human services are a vital link to creating a safe & sustainable community.
  • Our human services infrastructure is strained by increasing poverty.
  • Support of effective organizations and collaborations produces economic benefits for everyone.


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One Voice Central Texas is a coalition of over 85 nonprofit health and human service organizations unified by the common value that people come first. We represent the community’s support network for children and the elderly, opportunity youth, the hungry and the homeless, persons with disabilities, those who are illiterate, those who are immigrants, and victims of violence. We are also the voice for all of the rapidly growing populations in our community who are unable to access a standard of living that supports their health, safety, security, and general welfare. Our region is witnessing dramatically growing financial gaps between the different segments of our community, confirmed in the recently released CAN Community Indicators report.

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