Recap of One Voice Workshops on Reframing Human Services

The One Voice Communications Committee hosted two days of workshops led by the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA) to mobilize around exciting new research that shifts the narrative on human services. Ilsa Flanagan, Program Director, and Bridget Gavaghan, Consultant, of the National Reframing Initiative for NHSA trained participants to use reframing techniques to produce templates for key documents used by One Voice and participants' organizations.

At the Level 1 Reframing Workshop, participants received a refresher on the elements of the Building Well-Being narrative and practiced applying the frame to sample documents. At the Level 2 Reframing Workshop, participants got to take a deeper dive than ever before and learned additional framing elements and how to apply them to informing public perceptions of an issue. Tone, personal stories, and the use of data were focused on during the workshop. These two days of workshops were packed with opportunities for members, including a workshop for the One Voice Public Policy Committee where they focused on how to apply the reframing principles to One Voice key advocacy materials. The Reframing Leadership Group also had a session where they began planning the next stages of the partnership with NHSA.

For more information about the reframing initiative, check out this useful toolkit that gives great tips, tricks, and real world advice for how to reframe your organization's messaging. Please feel free to download the Level 1 Reframing Workshop PowerPoint and the Level 2 Reframing Workshop PowerPoint. You can also sign up for the Reframing Newsletter here.

We want to extend a huge thanks to Ilsa, Bridget, Lee Sherman, CEO of NHSA, and everyone who helped provide two great days of workshops filled with lots of information!

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