403(b) Retirement Plan

OVCT Multiple Employer 403(b) Plan

The One Voice Central Texas 403(b) Plan allows all One Voice members to offer an extremely competitive retirement plan for the benefit of their employees. Structured as a Multiple Employer Plan, it allows One Voice members the ability to offer their employees all the benefits of a retirement plan without most of the common administrative responsibilities—at a lower cost than most organizations can receive on their own.

Retirement Plan Consultation – engage with our retirement plan consultant team, Pensionmark, to get an understanding of the various types of retirement plans available to your organization. Our consultants at Pensionmark will take the time to understand your organization’s goals and will work with you to identify which type of retirement plan is in your best interest. To schedule a free consultation with Pensionmark to explore your retirement plan options, please email Austin@Pensionmark.com.

SIMPLE IRA – Often used by smaller organizations (usually fewer than 20, but available for groups up to 100), SIMPLE IRAs are a cheaper and easier to administer alternative to ‘qualified plans’ such as 403(b) and 401(k) plans). Compared to ‘qualified plans’, SIMPLE IRAs have lower annual contribution limits, and require an employer contribution.

Customized Plan Design

Our Team has in-depth knowledge of the broad range of available plan design options and features, and will work with you to match those features to the specific goals of your organization. You retain the ability to select your own plan structure. You will be guided through your choices and will receive assistance in determining the best fit for your employees.

Fiduciary Services

The OVCT 403(b) Plan includes fiduciary services such as a Plan Trustee, a 3(16) Plan Administrator, and a 3(21) Investment Manager. This benefits you by eliminating many of your day-to-day administrative responsibilities, and transfers some of the fiduciary responsibility (and liability) from you and your organization to Pentegra as 3(16) and Pensionmark as 3(21) fiduciary

Superior Service Model

You will receive a superior level of service from our dedicated team of Empower, Pentegra and Pensionmark experts. They are available to assist you and your employees every step of the way (including bilingual employee communications if desired).

Cost Effective

This is a Multiple Employer Plan (‘MEP’), which is treated like one large plan—with many unrelated employers allowed to pool their purchasing power. This makes it more cost-effective than sponsoring a stand-alone plan without the benefit of significant plan assets to negotiate lower fees.

Easy set-up!

  • Request Proposal from Pensionmark; review estimated costs
  • Meet with Pensionmark to review plan design options and timelines
  • Sign set-up forms
  • Schedule time for Pensionmark to meet with and enroll your employees
  • Empower & Pentegra assist with operational set-up, including payroll


Pensionmark Austin
512.750.2074 Debbie

Professional Investment Management

Investment selection & management is outsourced to a professional investment advisor (Pensionmark Austin) and the OVCT Investment Committee. They select and monitor the plan investments so you can avoid that responsibility and liability.

Wide Range of Competitive Investment Options

Your employees will be able to select from more than 25 investment options, including a suite of target date funds, actively-managed U.S., foreign and specialty funds, as well as several low-cost index options.

Helpful Online Features
  • Empower’s participant website provides intuitive retirement readiness tools and calculators, including an easy-to-use retirement income calculator that helps employees project potential monthly income in retirement.
  • Empower’s plan sponsor website provides extensive information to your organization’s administrative contacts, including expansive reporting capabilities that are customizable to your needs.