RFP: Employee Retirement Brokerage Consulting Services

RFP: Employee Retirement Brokerage Consulting Services


One Voice Central Texas is soliciting proposals from insurance brokers/consultants qualified and interested in providing employee retirement brokerage and consulting services for One Voice Central Texas, a coalition of approximately 100 health and human service focused nonprofit organizations. Interested and qualified parties (brokers/consultants) who have demonstrated their ability at comparable work are invited to submit proposals.


Proposals will be accepted until the close of business (5:00 PM CST) on Friday, March 22, 2019.

Submittals and requests for information relative to this Request for Proposal should be

emailed to:

Laylee Safa, Coordinator
One Voice Central Texas


If you have questions about this RFP, please contact Sam Woollard



Please note that One Voice Central Texas is not asking for, nor authorizing, your soliciting quotes from third party administrators or record keepers at this time.


  1. Background: Established in 1983, One Voice Central Texas is a 501(c)3 membership driven coalition of the leadership of over one hundred nonprofit health and human service organizations working to make sure that everyone can contribute to our community and thrive. One Voice members represent the integrated network of human services that connects everyone of all ages and circumstances to social resources, opportunities, and support so that each person can reach their highest potential. Collectively, One Voice Central Texas members have over 6,200 employees and operating budgets in excess of $500 million. Approximately 89% offer full or partial health insurance and 59% offer retirement benefits. In 2016, One Voice initiated a retirement plan for its members. Currently, the plan has 12 participating organizations representing over 800 individuals with $16 million in assets. The Request for Proposals is to identify a broker/consultant to assist the Investment Committee and Executive Committee in administering a 403(b) MEP for retirement coverage.
  2. Scope of Services:

One Voice Central Texas is seeking a broker/consultant to perform the full range of services related to the growth, implementation, maintenance, communication, and improvement of the One Voice Central Texas 403(b) MEP. This includes, but is not limited to:


2.1 Fiduciary and Regulatory Responsibilities

  • Assist One Voice Central Texas in complying with laws and regulations related to administering a 403(b) MEP
  • Report regularly to and advise the One Voice Central Texas Investment Committee so that it can conduct its fiduciary responsibilities associated with administering the MEP
  • Research any new developments in the law and employee benefit programs on an ongoing basis and communicate any impacts or make recommendations to the One Voice Investment Committee and adopting employers


2.2 Plan Investments

  • Identify plan investment options based on agreed upon criteria and present to Investment Committee
  • Monitor plan investment options performance using a formal scoring system and provide quarterly reports on Plan performance
  • Make recommendations regarding investment option changes to Investment Committee
  • Provide education sessions, as needed, to adopting employers regarding investment options and the benefits of plan participation


2.3 Vendor identification and management

  • Serve as a liaison between all vendors associated with the 403(b) Plan, the Investment Committee and adopting employers
  • Assist the Investment Committee in communicating with vendors and address any issues if they should arise
  • Assist Investment Committee with decisions about the types of vendors, manage any solicitation processes for Investment Committee and assist in negotiating costs to ensure that the Plan remains cost effective for all participants
  • Assist in annual evaluation of vendor effectiveness
  • Support TPA and Record Keeper to ensure successful annual audit completion


2.4 Adopting Employer Identification and Support

  • Proactively communicate, via email, phone calls, webinars, etc. with One Voice Central Texas adopting employers regarding the Plan, any Plan changes and their responsibilities
  • Document, and make available, policies and procedures for organizations and participants participating in the plan
  • Assist adopting employers to negotiate any challenges with vendors
  • Meet with and provide reports to One Voice Central Texas members on how the MEP may impact their organization and make presentations to the Executive Committee and Membership of One Voice Central Texas about the plan
  • Work with Investment Committee to identify potential adopting employers and meet with prospective partners to assess their needs and fit with the plan
  • Coordinate semi-annual meetings with adopting employers to provide Plan updates
  • Develop and implement communication strategies to ensure that new programs are fully onboarded, understand their responsibilities, and have the necessary tools to be successful
  • Assist the Investment Committee in identifying strategies to grow the assets of the Plan and increase benefits to One Voice Central Texas members


  1. Schedule for the RFP

RFP distributed:   Friday, March 1, 2019

Responses to RFP due:   5:00pm Friday, March 22, 2019

Conduct interviews with selected broker/consultants:   To be determined

Select broker/consultant:   To be determined


  1. General Information

Information provided to and deliberations and decisions made by One Voice Central Texas are not subject to Open Meetings, Fair Information Practices or other public disclosure laws.


  • All proposals and related materials become the property of One Voice Central Texas and may be returned only at its option.
  • One Voice Central Texas is not obligated to consider or accept any proposal or to negotiate with any proposer.
  • All transactions are subject to the final approval of the One Voice Central Texas membership who reserves the right to reject any or all proposals without cause and without liability.
  • All costs directly or indirectly related to responding to this RFP including supplementary documentation, information or presentation will be borne by the proposer.
  • The Investment Committee will review all contracts annually for performance and cost effectiveness. There will be no maximum length of time for a broker to serve in that function.



  1. Questions

5.1.  Company Background and Information

  1. Briefly describe your firm’s history, number of employees and years in existence.
  2. Provide details of your company’s financial status and stability.
  3. Provide proof that your company carries Errors and Omission insurance


  1. Outline the structure of the team you propose to advise One Voice Central Texas, including names, contact information, bios and responsibilities for the proposed

service team.

  1. Please provide three references related to your work with MEP’s that include: name, address, phone number, and length of time associated with your organization.



5.2.  Your Practice:

  1. Describe what makes your firm uniquely qualified to work on our account.
  2. Describe your firm’s experience with managing / consulting on Multiple Employer Plans and benefit packages with coalitions/associations like One Voice Central Texas.
  3. Outline how investment decisions will be made and how individual investment options will be graded / scored.
  4. Describe how you will identify trends and issues and present recommendations based on analysis of alternative benefit strategies and plans.
  5. Describe your firm’s experience with managing vendors and negotiating pricing for MEP plans.
  6. Identify the methodologies your firm will use to communicate with One Voice Central Texas adopting employers regarding the plan and plan changes
  7. Outline strategies you would use to assist in growing Plan participation and assets.



5.3. Costs:

  1. Outline the activities and costs that will be incurred by One Voice Central Texas for your services. Include any minimum amount of assets that will be required to meet your calculations.
  2. Outline any pro bono/in-kind services that your firm will provide to One Voice Central Texas.
  3. Outline any other costs that are not included above.


5.4. Other:

  1. Is there any other information that the committee needs to know as it considers your



  1. Nondiscrimination policy

One Voice prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious creed, disability, age, political beliefs.

  1. Historically Underutilized Businesses

One Voice recognizes the importance of the HUB designation and any business claiming this status must have met the basic requirements and certification by the City of Austin and/or the State of Texas at the time of bid and award.