Request for Qualifications for Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Assistance

Request for Qualifications for Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Assistance

One Voice Central Texas is a coalition of the leadership of more than one hundred nonprofit health and human service organizations working to make sure that everyone can contribute to our community and thrive. We represent the integrated network of human services that connects everyone of all ages and circumstances to social resources, opportunities, and support so that each person can reach their highest potential. We are the voice for those in the community who may have difficulty weathering the life storms that affect all of us.  

Our members work every day with individuals and families to access healthcare, have stable housing, meet basic needs, create a sense of purpose, have the tools necessary to achieve their goals, and connect with others and the community. One Voice is also committed to ensuring our members have the resources and opportunities they need to be successful, including access to research on effective practices and peer networking for nonprofit leaders. More information can be found at

Over the last three years, One Voice Central Texas has been on a journey to both address internal work related to DEI and to support our members in addressing their own DEI challenges. This has included having a scholarship program for Executive Directors to attend Leadership Austin’s Courageous Conversations Beyond Diversity program; establishing an Equity and Social Justice Committee that has examined the racial history of Austin and its impact on the nonprofit sector; hosting a session with the Building Movement Project on their Race to Lead survey results exposing the roots of the nonprofit sector’s racial leadership gap; co-sponsoring the creation of 2020 Central Texas Report by the Building Movement Project on the local nonprofit racial leadership gap; and planning presentations on DEI best practices.

As part of the next phase of work, One Voice Central Texas is seeking a DEI consultant who can assist with:

  • Assessing member needs and interests regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion tools, resources, and trainings;
  • Reviewing and making recommendation(s) for nonprofit equity self-assessment tools for One Voice to make available to members;
  • Recommending specific DEI-focused additions to the One Voice Standards of Excellence Guide and Self-Assessment; and
  • Making any additional recommendations for investments or programming that OV could pursue, coming out of the assessment of member needs and interests.

One Voice is seeking applications from individuals or organizations to lead One Voice members in this next phase of DEI work.

The following are the desired outcomes of the DEI consulting:

  • Understanding nonprofit member needs for education and support in advancing DEI initiatives for organizations at various stages of internal DEI work;
  • Nonprofit equity self-assessment tool(s) identified for One Voice members;
  • DEI-focused standards to include in the One Voice Standards of Excellence Self-Assessment; and
  • Additional investments or programming opportunities are identified.

Please provide the following information for review by the OVCT RFP Review Committee:

  1. Name of facilitator(s) and contact information
  2. Proposed process/structure
  3. Experience leading DEI efforts
  4. Timeline
  5. 3-5 references
  6. Budget

Budget: One Voice Central Texas has a maximum budget of $10,000 to support this work.

Application deadline: January 4, 2021. Application to be sent to Laylee Safa  For questions, call Sam Woollard 512-217-6862 or email It is expected that a consultant will be chosen in January 2021 with a February 2021 start date.